Focus on the Process, Not on Trading Results

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Focus on the Process, Not on Trading Results

โพสต์โดย doaausef3li เมื่อ จันทร์ 01 เม.ย. 2019 11:49 pm

Focus on the Process, Not on Trading Results

There is a wise saying that life is a journey, not a goal. The same expression applies in trading, where you have to pay more attention to the process - like what trading strategy is used, setup Money and Risk Management - rather than focusing on the results as expected.

Usually, being too focused on the end result of trading tends to bring a variety of losses. Because I was too eager to get a big profit, most traders open trading positions, aka overtrading. In fact, this attitude is precisely what quickly leads you to loss.

Conversely, enjoying each process during trading can help you get consistent profits. This is because you are also involved in the process; do evaluations, design improved trading setups, find various ways to analyze the market, and so on.
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proceed during trading

Basically, many traders are more tempted to pay attention to the amount of profit, rather than how the best trading strategy will be applied. So it is not surprising, if in the end many traders are trapped in psychological traps, because they prioritize emotions for the sake of achieving the coveted trading goals.
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"If you are really interested in the process and change your trading goals from 'getting a big profit' to 'becoming a qualified trader', then the 'profit' will be realized as a final result. Conversely, too focused on the final results will causing wrong trading habits and will eventually destroy your account. "
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