Having space

Having space

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say this because I too am guilty of giving in to this feeling, just like so many of us.Like many things in life, it requires moderation to stay on the right side of the line between satisfaction and addiction.Try bringing to mind a place you generally find peaceful.Then tune in to specific sensory details to deepen your focus and create a calmer state of mind.Excessive and constant dopamine release doesn’t allow us to get bored.So the need to put that phone away so we can actually give our mind time to space out is needed now more than ever.Let’s be honest, most of us struggle with meditation.My mind has always been a busy street intersection where I jump from idea to idea and distraction to distraction like jumping over the roofs of cars in a traffic jam.When I tried to meditate, I didn’t even last two minutes, let alone the hours people seem to be able to do it.So as I failed, I sat up, reached for my phone and googled ‘How to meditate’.And that was it, down the rabbit hole I went again.But if you too can’t meditate for extended periods, all is not lost.Find ways to tune out the noise and unleash our mind.Find moments of stillness in your life.Lao Tzu famously said, ‘The mind tends towards stillness, but is opposed by craving.’So, find ways to not reach for that phone, or open that app, or switch on that show.Build into your day periods of disconnection, monotony and solitude.That doesn’t mean you must become a monk meditating in the mountains.You just need to find your way to achieve stillness or taking a pause.Your form of taking a pause might be to just tune out the world, with your phone away from your hands, while you allow your mind to wander.Your mind needs that reboot to find the time to wander into your subconscious and fill your idea base with something new, solve something you’ve been struggling with, or just sow the seeds of inspiration and allow your mind to bloom again.Because if we don’t have the space to let it grow, then all we will be left with is the noise that we already have and no space for something new to find its voice.
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